The Orange Leaf Project Finale

The Orange Leaf Project is finished. I worked on little else over the last few weeks. When I finally made enough leaves, I started appliquéing the middle and bottom portions down by hand. If you have been following this project, you know that I was having a lot of trouble in the beginning because my orange fabrics were not playing well together – I hated the whole thing. Then my new color wheel arrived and I decided to just start over. I managed to find the gradated background piece we are all using and clear orange fabrics. I also decided to stitch the appliqué by hand, because everything previously looked so flat. Then I started adding embroidery stitches. Next I decided another problem I had with my slice was the dark green background I had pieced. We were all to use dark green on the bottom but I switched mine out to a green/orange background and immediately liked it much better. I will probably need to add some dark green leaves for cohesiveness of design. Before finishing the bottom portion, I auditioned a dark orange fabric behind some of the leaves, but it just wasn’t working out. Luckily I had photographed my final placement because after removing all the leaves, I forgot how I had planned it out. After that, I just pinned all the leaves on instead of constantly repositioning and repining — they didn’t get in the way too much.

Background Audition

Background Audition

Since I still needed to fill in some spaces, I decided to add some circles. I’ll do a future post with the embroidery stitches I used for this project.

Embroidery Details

Embroidery Details

I forgot to take a separate photo of the flying geese leaf but you can see it in the above photo. Here is my finished slice.



Last Friday my group sewed all the slices together. I have traced the black wrought iron pieces and will have them cut out before our October meeting.   We have a small wrought iron committee—we will press under the edges and someone can sew them on over the seam lines. I’ll get back to you when that part is finished.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

As you can see I made a reminder to leave a seam allowance–I started cutting on the line and will need to retrace one piece.  We are using a dark grunge fabric.  Okay, priority one for today is to reset my camera so everything is not over-exposed.

About Group Projects: And what did I learn from this group project you may ask. I am pretty much done with group projects. They stress me out and this one really took a great deal of my time (nine months). I already have a slew of unfinished projects that I would like to get done. I enjoy designing quilts and not always following the rules. I hate working under a deadline. So time to do my own thing unless it’s a call to action and a group of us spend one or two workdays on a charity quilt. There’s one coming up in October–so far it’s a mystery. My family is happy with my decision. Here is the note to self next to the computer (thanks George H.W. and Dana Carvey):

Don’t do it

Wouldn’t be prudent

Wouldn’t be wise

Not at this juncture.

Coming Soon: The 8-1/2×11 Challenge (finished), Embellishing with Embroidery, Three Ways to Hang Small Wallhangings, Thread and Needle Tips, FMQ Tips, and The Miniature Hexie Project (not necessarily in that order).


Hi—I’m Candy P. I live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and write this blog about quilting. I love the entire process of quilting from design to piecing and appliqué, to free-motion quilting on my Janome. I have been sewing since I was five and started quilting in 1991 with a group in NE Minnesota. We used cardboard templates and scissors and did everything by hand. I have since made traditional quilts, donation quilts and Quilts of Valor; I’ve done paper piecing and foundation quilting but now really enjoy improvisational piecing using scraps from my stash or my hand dyed fabrics as well as making art quilts. I am also currently trying to finish any and all unfinished projects. I am so far behind I can never die. I have always been a maker, a sewist and needleworker, running the gamut from hand embroidery to macramé, knitting, crocheting, crafts, book binding and mixed media projects. I have taught a lot of classes including fabric painting, origami, and calligraphy, Dancercise (who remembers that) and my own exercise classes. When I’m not in the garage dyeing fabric or in my studio, I’m at Zumba or walking on local trails and photographing art or whatever catches my eye. I currently belong to Crystal Bridges, AQS, The Quilt Show, NWA Modern Quilt Guild and the Van Go-Go Girls (a local art quilt group). I occasionally make it to the piano and the golf course and enjoy cooking with my husband and generally wreaking some kind of havoc with my daughter. You can read my previous blog at and here (previously but you cannot read my blog as northwind at The Quilt Show, apparently lost forever. I write about my current projects, mistakes and all, and often tell you what products I use (with no compensation). I am open to suggestions about blog posts and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my projects or posts. Comment or email me.

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