A Tiny Tutorial: How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Right before my husband left for deer hunting, he fixed our leaky kitchen faucet (again).  Now this faucet is the original construction-grade faucet from nine years ago and we need to replace it, but the day after he left, it started leaking so much I had to wrap a towel around it to keep the water off the counter.  When I finally got tired of dealing with that I thought I would try to fix it myself.  Now this is a simple faucet to fix if you have this handy dandy tool with an allen wrench on one end and an open-ended wrench on the other.

Handy Dandy Tool

Handy Dandy Tool

You do not have to turn the water off to do this.  Insert the allen wrench in the little hole on the front of the faucet handle (it looks like there is a screw missing) and turn counterclockwise. Remember the general rule: lefty loosey (take off/open), righty tighty (put back on/close).

When it’s loose enough, lift the handle off.

Loosening faucet handle

Loosening faucet handle

Removing faucet handle

Removing faucet handle

Notice that water is not spraying all over the place.  And if you notice, there are little prongs at the ends of the open-end wrench which will fit next to some nubbies on the Teflon/nylon gasket.  Nubbies=technical term.  Match these up and turn the gasket clockwise to tighten.  Only tighten until it stops.  It doesn’t have to be guten-tight, just finger tight.

Tightening washer

Tightening washer

Replace the handle and tighten clockwise, using the allen wrench again.  You do not need to reef on it–just finger tighten.  Now you may feel all smug and go have a cup of tea.

So far so good.  Replacement is at the top of the list, but first I have to replace the toaster whose popper-downer would not stay down to make toast.  Did you ever notice that you usually break a glass after you’ve washed it and things don’t work AFTER you clean them.  It’s always something during deer season.  The car and the furnace are still running so all is good.  I hope you have found this tiny tutorial helpful or at least entertaining.  Next post will be my Cream of Wild Rice Soup recipe.  The ultimate comfort food for cooler weather.  No, you cannot substitute grits for wild rice…  or can you?

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