For the month of October, I have chosen to participate in a CreativeSprint by Noah and Mica Scalin. They give us a daily prompt, we throw something arty together. The idea is to forget about perfection and making a masterpiece and just be creative. Play with your food, with your leftovers; if you’re outside, play with the river, sticks and stones and leaves. Do something without judging. If you want to play, head on over and sign up. Then you can see what others do on the facebook page, their blogs or social media. I started one of these sprints a couple years ago and didn’t follow through. I’m following through this time because I need the censor who tells me that I’m not a artist and all those other degrading message to shut up. There is no contest here, just fun. And who knows, something cool may happen along the way.

Day 1: Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using materials readily available to you. Since I’m quilting, I had a little scrap of a quilt sandwich and the corners I cut off my Ugly Snugglies.

The corners reminded me of birds so I sewed them in a vee-formation to make “Migration,” a tiny art quilt.

Day 1- Migration

Day 1- Migration

Then I rolled up another scrap and sewed on a bump for “Bump on a Log.”

Day 1 - Bump on a log

Day 1 – Bump on a log

Can’t wait to see what the prompt is for Day 2. I’ll let you know!


Hi—I’m Candy P. I live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and write this blog about quilting. I love the entire process of quilting from design to piecing and appliqué, to free-motion quilting on my Janome. I have been sewing since I was five and started quilting in 1991 with a group in NE Minnesota. We used cardboard templates and scissors and did everything by hand. I have since made traditional quilts, donation quilts and Quilts of Valor; I’ve done paper piecing and foundation quilting but now really enjoy improvisational piecing using scraps from my stash or my hand dyed fabrics as well as making art quilts. I am also currently trying to finish any and all unfinished projects. I am so far behind I can never die. I have always been a maker, a sewist and needleworker, running the gamut from hand embroidery to macramé, knitting, crocheting, crafts, book binding and mixed media projects. I have taught a lot of classes including fabric painting, origami, and calligraphy, Dancercise (who remembers that) and my own exercise classes. When I’m not in the garage dyeing fabric or in my studio, I’m at Zumba or walking on local trails and photographing art or whatever catches my eye. I currently belong to Crystal Bridges, AQS, The Quilt Show, NWA Modern Quilt Guild and the Van Go-Go Girls (a local art quilt group). I occasionally make it to the piano and the golf course and enjoy cooking with my husband and generally wreaking some kind of havoc with my daughter. You can read my previous blog at and here (previously but you cannot read my blog as northwind at The Quilt Show, apparently lost forever. I write about my current projects, mistakes and all, and often tell you what products I use (with no compensation). I am open to suggestions about blog posts and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my projects or posts. Comment or email me.

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