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The purge continues…

but I still get the urge to do something creative. Last month, my friend, Jan W., brought a crocheted bowl she had bought to our monthly Van Go-Go Girls meeting. Then while shopping at JoAnn, I saw this yummy yarn on an endcap and bought it. I should have taken a picture of it before unwrapping, but it was Yarn Bee Stretched Taffy (Lollipop), 10 oz. (49 yards) of variegated bulky yarn that looks like wool roving. The yarn is wound into a large loop, so I just hung it around my neck rather than rolling it into a gigantic ball. Here is my round basket, apprx 7-inches diameter and 5-1/2 inches tall. If you crochet, the pattern is below. I used a P-hook and used the entire skein except for about 20-inches of yarn. You can adjust the size of your basket by making the base and side smaller.

Make a magic circle loop.

Round 1: Make 6 sc in the loop. Do not join but mark the beginning of each round (I used a large paper clip).

Round 2: 2sc in each sc around (12 sts).

Round 3: (1sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc) around (18 sts).

Round 4: (1sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc) around (24 sts).

Round 5: (1sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc) around (30 sts). Base is finished. Do not tie off.

Round 6: 1sc in each sc, working in the back loop only. This starts the side of your basket.

Continue working evenly in sc for each round. I worked six rounds for the side and finished the top edge with a round of reverse sc. Finish off, pull the beginning tail to close up the center hole, and weave in the loose ends. You now have a utile work of art.

Till next time…

Ribbon scarf gone bad

First off, I had planned to write two more posts last week, but I was felled again by bronchitis plus allergies and asthma, and am just getting back on my feet with more steroids, cipro and an inhaler which I have not needed for nine years.  I do not do well being idle and resting but that’s life.  I hope this is it–I long to be well and active again.  THE SCORE: Oak pollen, one billion; Candy, less than zero.

So a few years ago when I had time to go to a local needlework group every Monday (with lunch once a month) with a delightful group from about ages 12 to 90, I decided to try the ribbon scarves everyone was making.  If you have not kept up with trending crochet, this “yarn” is a flat ribbon, one side of which has large loops along the edge.   I made one for my sister-in-law while she was visiting from Minnesota and two more really l-o-o-o-o-ng ones.  Well they were too long so one day I cut them in half and shared with my daughter.  She handed hers to me the other day–it had come apart, which happens with this particular project from time to time if you miss a loop or do not secure the ends properly.  Sooo, I decided I would make just one scarf from the two so it would be fluffier.

ribon scarf gone bad

I wound the ribbon carefully (it still twisted as I crocheted) and placed it in a spread container and after looking at a slew of videos, came up with this.  Fold over about five loops and run a size H crochet hook through these loops plus two more for a total of seven on the hook.  This gives a nice finish to the starting end.

fold over endP1010321

Carefully pull the last loop on the hook through the other six loops and then pull the next loop from the ball of ribbon through the loop on the hook.  This secures your previous set of loops.


From now on work the crochet hook through every other loop. Pick up more loops on the hook for a total of seven, and repeat as before until you reach the end.  The scarf will automatically curl into a ruffle.  SECRET TECHNIQUE: I had to spin my bowl of yarn in one direction or the other to untwist as I worked.  Most directions will tell you to pull the end of the ribbon through the loop on your hook and then tie a knot.  Just make sure to secure the end or it may all come undone.

finished ribbon scarf

I also made another scarf for my neighbor for her birthday as she liked these scarves and does not crochet.  She wanted a neutral color and I was lucky enough to find one lonely skein in a bin with super bright colors, pretty neutrals with a sparkly thread.  Red Heart Boutique Ribbons is one brand.  Check Hobby Lobby or WalMart.  I may or may not have a photo of this one and am guessing, not. I tried the knit pattern on the label but prefer my crochet one.

So that’s my story for now.  I hope to be back very soon to show you the progress on my current applique project.  I am experimenting with different ways of making leaves.  God forbid that I should make them all in the same manner–that would just be too flippin’ easy, eh?  Till next time, may all of your projects be fun and successful.

My job here is done

Here are the finished pincushions.


This is MedeiraP1000837

and Mildly MauveP1000840

and Lavender BlueP1000819

and Coming Up RosesP1000836

and last but not least, Red Hat SocietyP1000845sitting atop an unfinished make-do.

I may never join the Red Hat Society but it sure is fun to see a group having lunch at the Emporium Tea Room  in Bentonville.

And I forgot one last doily from my collection, The DaffodilsP1000814

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow but I’ll be back next week.  Until then, have a safe and happy weekend with family and friends–be sure to get some fresh air, maybe do something fun and take a few minutes to kick your feet up.  I am grateful for the day past–how about you?

Urge to Purge…

I have been on a downsizing, getting rid of stuff, finishing old projects mission for at least three years.  Sometimes I make progress, sometimes I don’t.  I have a stack of quilts that are layered and ready for me to quilt and bind but I got stuck before Christmas.  Sometimes I just can’t find the rhythm and life gets in the way–it took me three tries just to spell rhythm correctly.  I know that’s what spell check is for.  So onward.  I have this great picnic basket that I found at a flea market and I stuff little unfinished projects in it, mostly handwork.  Some of these projects followed me from Minnesota where I used to do a lot of crochet.  All the doilies are finished but I have a bag of angels and then these crocheted hat pincushions.  So I dug them out.  I finally found the leaflet today–Annie’s Attic Antique Crochet Pincushions.


I removed the ribbon and flowers on the burgundy one and attached and stuffed the base to the red/purple one.  I decided that the brims need to be starched and dug out a bottle of Beacon Stiffen Stuff spray.  I had not used this before, either making my own mix of water/white glue or some other stiffener.  So out came the insulation board for starching doilies and snowflakes and my handy-dandy circle ruler.  I drew circles the sizes I wanted on parchment paper and covered that with Glad Stretch n Seal–worked perfectly, better than it ever did in the kitchen.  I also covered the crowns as I did not want to starch that part.  Here they are pinned out with rustproof t-pins.


The red one is also ready.  Tomorrow I will start decorating with bows and flowers and who knows what.


BTW, I like to stuff my pincushions with wool roving–it is supposed to be good for your pins and needles and you can match the color to your crochet thread.  The Stiffen Stuff worked fine but it did not dry in an hour, which was no problem.  There is always a hairdryer for accelerating the drying process if need be.  And if you really want your project stiff, just reapply after it is dry.

Monday I made it to the walking trail to start my series of tree stumps.  This is my favorite one, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


I’ll post some more tomorrow–right now I have to run and meet the fam for dinner and then I’m off to Modern Quilt Guild for fun and inspiration.  Have a great evening and make something handmade or just make a fun mess with your kids.  Or you could paint yourself blue.  That’s on my bucket list.