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I did pay attention in geometry class…

except for that one day, hot n humid, no a/c at school (Orlando), B.O.R.E.D., and I fell asleep. Sr. Ambrose, a big-boned gal (NOT from Southern Alberta), kicked me out of class. I was painfully shy even in high school, but the next day I came back to class and all was well. Anyway, I ended up with this odd-shaped table mat that I wanted to be a rectangle to fit on my hutch, and using a compass and figuring angles seemed tedious.

First I traced around it on newsprint (I save packing paper, iron it, roll it up), subtracted 1/4-inch seam allowance, drew a rectangle, traced the odd shapes, added 1/4-inch seam allowance and indicated straight of grain. Woohoo. Since I didn’t need the pattern anymore, I inked it in so it would show up on camera.

I then added strip piecing to the two remaining corners. I just need to layer and quilt.
P1120976TIP OF THE DAY: Cover up the edges of your batting to prevent lint from transferring to your quilt top, especially if the top is dark and you’re using light batting.


UPDATE: I am hand-stitching down the facing on Less is More. The long sides are done. This is my most successful facing to date (no pleats). I use Susan Brubaker Knapp’s method. The only thing I do differently is, in Step 3, I do not pivot at the corner. I sew the long seam edge-to-edge, and then sew from the unfolded edge to the folded edge. Find her excellent tutorial below.—freebies.html
P1120967My domestic chore today is to put away my snowmen. I left them out because winter was hanging on for so long. I have meant to put them away several times and in five months I’ll be hauling them out again. Le sigh.

P1120959Final Answer: Microsoft Edge does not play well with wordpress. After a long live chat with wp, I tried Chrome, which I used to use to write this blog; however, Chrome did not even recognize me and I was having more trouble with that so, my links will have to be copied and pasted. And sometimes, there will be duplicate photos. I apologize, but that’s the way it is until Edge decides to use extensions. Sometimes, it is what it is. Till next time…