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How do you feel when you run out of coffee?

Depresso.  And I am depressed.  Winter is hanging on.  The bronchitis is gone but I have no energy.  I am overwhelmed by everything I need to do.  Okay.  I have a solution.  Let me know if there is anyone out there who delivers chocolate with a maid/chef/personal trainer attached.  That’s a start!

I should have read my last post to see where I was but we’ll just start fresh by finishing up that black heart.

I wanted to add some small heart beads to the end of the streamers but even the 1/8-inch ribbon was too wide.  I cut the ribbon tail in half, threaded half in the bead, and then just moved the heart up and tied a knot in the end.


Next I glued rocaille beads around the edge using Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue.  This worked well but you have to hold each bead for a little bit until it’s ready to adhere on its own.  I used the same glue to insert the I-pin.  I was surprised at how well this held–I yanked on it with my pliers when my daughter mentioned using this as a purse ornament.  Well I didn’t get it done in time for her Black Hearts Ball but it will indeed hold up as a hanging ornament.  Next I knotted some more ribbon and twisted it around the doily, gluing the knots with the old handy-dandy glue gun.  To finish, I threaded on a ribbon hanger and added a mushroom hummingbird for a little color.  One of my daughter’s nicknames is Humminbird and I always glue something to the bird mouths in my projects.  Here it is, all finished and delivered.


So on one of the days when I thought I was better, I ventured out with my daughter for art and lunch.  While she was at the chiropractor, I went over to the 21c Hotel in Bentonville.  21c is no ordinary hotel–it also houses art from all over the world–the owners have three hotels and rotate items from their extensive art collection about every four months or so.  Alexx mentioned that one exhibit we had really enjoyed was back.  I have some photos from a previous visit with my point/click camera and they are not very good in the dim light but you’ll get the idea.  Unfortunately, this particular exhibit was closed for a private party so I need to get back there next week for better photos.  There are four trees, covered in fabric and flowers representing the four seasons.


The “ground” at the base of each tree is comprised of miscellaneous pieces of clothing and textiles.  I did manage to get some photos of other art and I’ll include those in my next post.  I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the mascots.  These are scattered around the hotel; you can request one in your room if you stay there, and sometimes you’ll find one outside your door in the morning.  And lunch?  Comfort food and tea at the Crumpet Tea Room.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I would really like to take off for Aruba or Tenerife where there is heat and sun but that’s not happening so I’ll look at my photos from Puerto Rico from a few years ago and turn all the lights on for awhile.  Be safe and healthy till next time.


Oh Blue Heron Come to Me

The State of the Art exhibit at Crystal Bridges is coming to a close so my daughter and I went for one final look.  The part of the exhibit on the south end will close after Monday, but we will still be able to view the rest of the exhibit for perhaps a couple more weeks.  I’ll upload more photos with my next post, but here is Alexx coming out of the Reflecting Room (by Dan Steinhilber).


This room–the walls, the ceiling, the benches, and the floor–is covered in silver mylar (think helium balloons).  There is a fan which keeps the walls suspended–until it shuts down.  Then the walls start creeping down gradually.  If you wanted the full effect, you would enter when the ceiling lights were on and the room would go dark as the walls inched down.  Somehow the timing has gotten off and the lights stayed on until the fan started again and then the lights were off for a little while.

There is a strange figure sitting atop a garbage can in the room–not sure why–and today there was a hole in the mylar on the floor–there are many patches on the floor because this room has seen a lot of feet (and perhaps a few stilettos).


After dropping dear daughter off, I went down to the dam on Lake Bella Vista, sitting on the rocks with my cushion, waiting for the blue heron.  After weeks of cold, it was nearly 60 today.  I figured I was a little early (or a little late)–I often see one or both herons at 12:30 or 3:30, but you really never know when they will show up.  I quietly snapped pictures; I sat stock still; I even tried singing them in (yes, I have a heron song).  After two hours, I stood up to get some circulation in my derriere and sure enough, the blue heron popped by but not in front of me as I had hoped.  S(he) was quite a ways off and while trying to focus in, (s)he flew off.  Then the fisherman who had been in the same spot earlier came down across from me, so I figured it was time to go home.  I’ll try again next week after the holiday.  Have a great weekend.