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Budger is gone…

Our favorite hummingbird, named for a character in The Cowboys, has flown the coop. Last week we had five birds going crazy so Thursday I decided to film them. Battery in camera died; spare was dead, too. Rats. So Friday, I did manage to get a couple short videos, although we were down to three hummers. Now we are down to two, with fresh nectar (temporarily taken down because our roof is being replaced–hail damage from last spring). The last two are named Twitcher (won’t sit still) and Chirper (constantly chirps between sips). Hmm, can’t upload the videos. Will try to put them up on my Facebook page (bycandyp).

Moving on–since I’m not quilting right now, I gathered up my rocks and paints and have been working on Bella Vista AR Rocks. It should cool off in a week or so and then I’ll place them on the trails for relocation. I started with gesso.
P1130203 Then I painted one rock, and did all of the backs.
P1130216Here is my log cabin–what is wrong with this picture?
P1130217Here it is fixed, with the others, including the start of a ladybug.


As promised, my new dresser in my studio–I managed to fit almost everything in the drawers and now my Ott Lite is off of the floor and handy.

Next month I’ll be going to a quilt retreat and thought I would make some potholder bowls since I’ll be taking my travel machine. Go to the link below for 10 versions and pick the one you like best. I followed the first one but found the double Pellon Wrap N Zap batting too thick so ripped the first one apart and used one layer of batting. These are for my daughter. Next time I’ll try two layers of Warm n Natural. Just to be safe, use all cotton fabrics, batting and thread.

It’s interesting to hear comments from non-quilters. We were discussing our new HVAC (coming soon) and one of the guys asked if my quilt was a bar code–cool.

Till next time…P1120896