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The purge continues…

but I still get the urge to do something creative. Last month, my friend, Jan W., brought a crocheted bowl she had bought to our monthly Van Go-Go Girls meeting. Then while shopping at JoAnn, I saw this yummy yarn on an endcap and bought it. I should have taken a picture of it before unwrapping, but it was Yarn Bee Stretched Taffy (Lollipop), 10 oz. (49 yards) of variegated bulky yarn that looks like wool roving. The yarn is wound into a large loop, so I just hung it around my neck rather than rolling it into a gigantic ball. Here is my round basket, apprx 7-inches diameter and 5-1/2 inches tall. If you crochet, the pattern is below. I used a P-hook and used the entire skein except for about 20-inches of yarn. You can adjust the size of your basket by making the base and side smaller.

Make a magic circle loop.

Round 1: Make 6 sc in the loop. Do not join but mark the beginning of each round (I used a large paper clip).

Round 2: 2sc in each sc around (12 sts).

Round 3: (1sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc) around (18 sts).

Round 4: (1sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc) around (24 sts).

Round 5: (1sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc) around (30 sts). Base is finished. Do not tie off.

Round 6: 1sc in each sc, working in the back loop only. This starts the side of your basket.

Continue working evenly in sc for each round. I worked six rounds for the side and finished the top edge with a round of reverse sc. Finish off, pull the beginning tail to close up the center hole, and weave in the loose ends. You now have a utile work of art.

Till next time…