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Happiness is…

going on retreat with quilters. Thank you Liz E. and Denise G. for organizing. Camp Egan is a United Methodist camp and retreat center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. We stayed in Holliman Hall, which has a wonderfully lit work space, kitchen and rooms for sleeping–a very clean motel! We walked over to another building for meals, but who cares–someone else was cooking. We were joined by a mission group of young people who did rhythmic table banging, asked us to join in prayer, and let us cut in line. Sometimes being older has its advantages.

I brought a mini-iron caddy and a pile of microwave bowls to sew up

and took both classes, a zippered tablet pouch by Janet R.


and confetti landscape by Leeanna W.


I had an allergic reaction to my pouch fabrics which for some reason were unwashed so I didn’t finish that. The quilted pieces are washed and ready to finish. The landscape class was a little different than what I have done in the past–place larger confetti fabric pieces directly on batting with backing, cover with tulle, stitch down to hold in place. Here is my landscape so far. I laid down a fairly light background and have started adding rocks, covered with a light grey tulle. I used a postcard of The Witch Tree (named Manidoo-giizhikens, or Little Cedar Spirit Tree, by the Ojibwe). It is located in Grand Portage, Minnesota, on Lake Superior. A future post will take you more through the process. Photo by Charles and Joann Jordon.

My microwave bowls feature sugar skulls, which fascinate me–so much so that I did a self-portrait of myself as a sugar skull with a stream of consciousness essay on the label–all of which just popped into my head as I was working on this project–it wouldn’t shut up, so I wrote it down. I realize that sugar skulls are more associated with Dia de los Muertos, but I see it all as celebration of the departed.

Self-Portrait/Sugar Skull, quilted/embellished

after I’m gone

…when my job here is done I’ll be buried in my mushroom suit and weird wildflowers never before seen or named will sprout up along with daisies and Icelandic poppies and wind anemones and Johnny jump ups will play all day long and maybe into the night. Pluto will once again be a planet and you’ll find tan m&ms in your Halloween candy because they taste the best. In my new world there will be eclipses every month and stars will nova every night–watch for them because that’s me–everyone will be kind, color blind, and rewind. More people will be artists of some kind and have Fun Fridays and Silly Saturdays and stuff like that. the end.


Besides burial in mushroom bags (TED Talk, Mushroom Death Suit), there are green cemeteries sprouting up (see Green Burial Council), no embalming, good for the environment. There are none in Arkansas yet, but there is talk! And I think Pluto has once again been declared a planet.

I’ve run on long enough–need to get busy. We have really good color this fall. Have a safe Halloween. Till next time–