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Black Heart Ornament

If you’re local and so inclined, it’s time for Back in Black: The Return of the Black Hearts Ball at Crystal Bridges, Feb. 15, 8-11:00p.  Free for ArtInfusion members, $25 otherwise.  It’s kind of an anti-Valentine’s event.

My daughter wanted me to go with her but uh, no, it’s not for me.  All of her friends are coupled evidently.  Regardless, I have been thinking about the Abandoned Art Project and since I don’t have time to do anything for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make Alexx a black heart ornament.   First I traced around each crocheted heart for a template.  Then I cut out a corrugated cardboard heart and then cut out a duplicate.  I made a pencil mark on the insides so I wouldn’t reverse one side.  I did not worry about symmetry or perfection.


Next cut some strips from a roll of E-Z Form Plaster Cloth Wrap.  Be sure to only dip one strip at a time in warm water, run your fingers down the length of the strip and apply to your form.  Use your fingers again to rub across the strip to remove the holes and smooth it out.  This is a little messy so I only stopped to take one photo.  Next time, I’ll do a video.


Here I am starting on the second side.  Overlap and criss-cross the strips.  Again I was not concerned with perfection or smoothness but If you want your form to be smooth, add another layer using wider strips.  I only applied one layer here.  This was not dry after 1-1/2 hours and the hairdryer wasn’t enough to dry it either, so I dried it in the microwave at 2-minute intervals for 6-minutes.  The heart became puffier in the process.  I forgot to place a ribbon hanger between the two cardboard shapes so I used 527 glue to insert an I-pin and let it set up overnight.  I yanked on it this morning and it held, which kind of surprised me.  Next, I tried a method of transferring print to the back of the heart.  Basically, you apply some Mod-Podge and burnish your torn printed piece, lift up and the text will remain (backwards of course).  This did not work for me. Either I did not apply enough Mod-Podge or the surface was not smooth enough.  I will try this again in future.  I was using an article from the Parade on marriage and really would have preferred it to be a mirror image but hey, it had a grey background so I just collaged it instead.   In the meantime, you can give it a try.  Here is the link for Print Transfer Technique:  Let me know how this works for you.

I used Folk Art Metallic Sequin Black to cover the remainder of the heart, sponging around the text to soften the edges.  This did not want to dry either so once again, I used the hair dryer and let it set up overnight.  I wanted more sparkle, so I overcoated the entire heart with DecoArt Ultra Fine Glitter Paint (Ice Crystal Glamour Dust).  This needs to set up for 24 hours.



In the meantime, I dug in the old button box and added some ribbon to the crocheted heart.


Tomorrow I’ll be back to finish this project, so until then, have a creative day.  I’m venturing out of the house today–I need to pick up some pastel paper for a class and run some other errands.  The bronchitis finally seems to be letting go–I have coughed for over three weeks and have been isolated for way too long.  I’m off (way off).

But wait there’s more

Here are most of the other doilies I have crocheted.  The others are in use.  What can I say.  This is what kept me from going stark raving mad during long Minnesota winter nights.  Toward the end, I used neutral threads because colors go in and out of style.  I miss crocheting doilies–they are my absolute favorite handwork.  And then I came down with the quilting sickness.  Ah well.  Enjoy the photos–I’m off to finish some projects in my studio now that my work station is cleared off and the glue gun is ready.  Have a great day.  Go make some art or just make a mess (or clean up yesterday’s).  Sorry the photos are fuzzy–or is it me?


P1000801P1000803P1000804P1000805 P1000806P1000807P1000809P1000810

This next one is my favorite neutral–I believe it was called New Ecru.  All my threads are Coats and Clarks #10, which I have not found here.  I like it better than Lily for doilies and snowflakes because it has a little more body.


You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Last night at Modern Quilt Guild, I was working on this scarf, which was twisting as usual.  My friend was watching me and said casually, you know if you alternate the way you turn your work, your scarf won’t twist.  Okay, I’ve been knitting since I was ten and kind of scoffed at my changing a life-long habit, but after a few rows, it was easy and voila, the scarf no longer twisted.  So, if you’re knitting a long, skinny project, turn your work to the left after one row and to the right after the next and so on.  You’ll figure it out!  I finished this scarf for my daughter, made from leftovers from her fingerless gloves (I still have leftovers).  I alternated changing yarns on the left and right and knotted the ends as a side fringe–no weaving in all those ends.  I’ll get a photo of her modeling them soon.  She has more expression than this dummie, er hat form.  I’ll talk more about where I found my inspiration for a pattern for fingerless gloves in a future post–I need to make a set for me now so you can follow along–to the yarn stash.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to attach the pattern–it’ll be FREE.


I only had time to dig out some ribbon and flowers to finish those pincushions I mentioned in a previous post.  I need to clear off my work space so I can get out the glue gun and get busy tomorrow.  So far I haven’t had to buy anything new.  Looks to be a bit of wintry mix in the weather so it will be a great day to stay home and play in the studio.


I have been stewing about what to do with all these little doilies that didn’t sell years ago.  When Walmart and the craft stores started carrying foreign-made doilies, I kind of went out of business.  I saw a couple of table runners on Pinterest (a blessing–inspiration, and a curse–time suck) made by sewing doilies together.  So soon I’ll head to the linen closet where I have bigger ones stored and play with this in-between projects.


That’s it for today.  Stay warm (or cool) until next time.  Surely you have something better to do than to sit here and read my ramblings.  Bye for now.  Oh, I can’t use that–I think that belongs to Nancy Zieman.  Ta ta.