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Starch Story

When working on applique projects, it can sometimes be helpful to starch your fabric, either starching an entire piece of fabric or the edges of a shape you wish to turn under. It used to be that we were told to always wash out that starch but sometimes this is not practical. I wrote to Faultless and asked about this. My preferred starch, for clothing and projects, is Faultless Premium Starch. Here is the reply I received from Renee. Use your own discretion.

Some of our Faultless ironing aids [the Heavy, Lavender, and Lemon scents, etc…] do contain natural corn starch. Corn starch may be a preferred food source for silverfish and other pests.  Some critters might make a meal of almost ANYthing, but ironing aids formulated without natural starch are especially suited for items you want to “starch and store.”

Here are some ironing aids we manufacture that do NOT contain natural corn starch:

Faultless® Premium Starch

Magic® Premium Starch

Magic® Sizing

Faultless® MAXX Starch