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than a box of rocks?


Nah. I am, however, quitting before I get any further behind vis-à-vis using Lite Steam-a-Seam 2. This is a double-stick fusible web. The best feature is that you can position your applique shapes until you are happy with the placement and then press it all down. My battle with this product started in 2016 with this self-portrait. Notice all of the small applique flowers, dots and swirls. Guess how many times I had to stop to clean the goo from my needle!

Self-Portrait/Sugar Skull, quilted/embellished

Self-Portrait/Sugar Skull, quilted/embellished

This weekend I decided to give this product one more try. I cut out some circles, placed them on background fabric, covered with a WET pressing cloth and pressed from both sides until dry. Then I pressed some more. I let the shapes cool overnight; the edges were glued down. This morning I stitched around one-quarter of the small circle before I noticed goo on the needle.


I finished the circle, cleaned the needle, and went back to the ironing board. I thoroughly wet my pressing cloth and turned the iron to the highest setting. The fabric ran even more, the background scorched, and the needle still gummed up. My job here is done.


That is my sad story for today. Next post, I’ll be talking scissors and sharp objects in the studio. Till next time–