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I’ll be back…

I am experiencing a lot of computer issues and will be back as soon as I get them resolved. I apologize–I cannot respond to comments from my last posts. Thank you and I hope to be back in January. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays no matter which you celebrate, and remember–already the days are getting longer and the nights shorter in the northern hemisphere.

We have weather in the 60’s predicted with possible severe thunderstorms for this weekend. That is better than the ice which kept us in last week. May all of your celebrations bring you closer to family and friends and may all your travels be safe and uneventful. I am hoping for a healing nation and more kindness in the new year. We can never give up hope, and please don’t let anyone tell you differently. I am skipping the resolutions and working on goals for a happier, healthier and more creative me. Try to find one good thing in every day, especially the days that bring you hardship or worry. Send out your love and good wishes out to the universe. Even on days that get me down, I smile at everyone I meet. I recently read that even a fake smile is good for you. I can do that.

This made my day on Wednesday. A red-shouldered hawk took a break on my arbor and he finally turned his head on the fifth shot. Better to be lucky than good. Till next time–

Red-shouldered hawk