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SAQA People and Portraits Exhibit

I was at Quilt Week in Paducah, Kentucky, last week.  I drove there with my friend Anne Marie and we had a great time at the quilt show and in downtown Paducah, wandering around in quilt shops and galleries and dining at a couple of the local restaurants.  We have been inspired by an international quilt group called SAQA since we went to Houston International in 2011.  SAQA is short for Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc., and “was founded in 1989 to serve artists working in the art quilt medium.”  To find out more or to join, go to their website.  In the meantime, you can view some of the quilts that were displayed at the special SAQA People and Portraits Exhibit.

Addressing Hair, SAQA People & Portraits

Addressing Hair, Viola Burley Leak, USA

Walking the Dog, SAQA People & Portraits

Walking the Dog, Bodil Gardner, Denmark

Hassan and the Glass, SAQA People & Portraits

Hassan and the Glass, Jenny Bowker, Australia

Dream, SAQA People & Portraits

Dream, Yoshiko Kurihara, Japan

Flow, SAQA People & Portraits

Flow, Joan Sowada, USA

Fully Medicated, SAQA People & Portraits

Fully Medicated, Kathy Nida, USA

A Winter's Story, SAQA People & Portraits

A Winter’s Story, Yoshiko Kurihara, Japan

Towers of Babble, SAQA People & Portraits

Towers of Babble, Pam RuBert, USA

Even the dog and the baby have cell phones!

Windblown, SAQA People & Portraits

Windblown, Maria Elkins, USA

Surrender, SAQA People & Portraits

Surrender, Maria Elkins, USA

Flight Zone, SAQA People & Portraits

Flight Zone, Joan Sowada, USA

Ittayer & the Friday Market in the City of the Dead, SAQA People & Portraits

Ittayer & the Friday Market in the City of the Dead, Jenny Bowker, Australia

Should I? SAQA People & Portraits

Should I? Pat Kumcich, USA

One Last Look 1952, SAQA People & Portraits

One Last Look 1952, Lora Rocke, USA

Watch for Part 2 of this exhibit as well as quilts from the Symphony of Colors exhibit, art quilts from Japan, and other quilts from the show.  You can find a lot of information about the portrait quilts on the SAQA website, or look up the individual artists.  As you can see, some of these quilts are quite personal.  I’ll be back but in the meantime, I’m working on my Christmas quilt.  Here is the first block.  Till next time, go out and do something, even if it’s wrong (but not too wrong).

Straight line quilting

Straight line quilting