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Five years ago…

or so I started taking classes from my friend, Suzanne Tourtelot, at ESSA (Eureka Springs School of Art)–Complex Cloth and Bookbinding. I got the bug for mixed-media art but really never pursued it. Now that my Janome is once again not working for quilting, I started the great purge and clean. Last week, I spent my time vacuuming the window frames and window coverings. We hired a family outfit to clean the gutters and siding; power wash the sidewalk and driveway; and clean the windows inside and out. After all of that, I went back to my rock painting and am almost finished. Here is this week’s rocks:


 I always have to do a ladybug–the cure time is for the glue for the googly eyes.

It took me three tries to transfer my drawing–finally dug out the graphite transfer paper. Because of the rock shape, I was going to quote from an oldie, “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back,” but when I looked the song up, it mentioned it was considered racist so hence, the tree frog.
P1130238The poppy on the rock is from several years ago. I thought I could decoupage it to the rock, but the PVA glue I used on both sides should make it waterproof–nice 3D effect. Note the crepe paper bud that is currently used. I will drop this off at the Veteran’s Memorial on November 11.
P1130236Edvard Munch’s, The Scream, with hands on the sides of the face.
P1130240Abstract ROYBGIV (Violet not showing).

So back to the beginning–that itch for mixed media. I am hoping that the Sculpture class, using recycled materials, at Crystal Bridges is not filled up. Regardless, I have signed up for an on-line class for 49 weeks–Wanderlust 2019–all about art journaling. I’m gathering up all my art supplies and papers and this will be a weekly Artist’s Date with my daughter. If you are familiar with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, you will know all about Artist’s Dates.

Am I giving up quilting? No way. I just need a break to pursue something different and will either be done with mixed media art, or fit it into my life on a regular basis. I have always been a maker, but now I want to just make art for awhile. Most of my life, I felt that I was not creative. I have gotten over that. It will be a new adventure. Woohoo.

Till next time—