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Practice does not make perfect…

But it’s a step in the right direction.  I decided to quit trying to be perfect when I reached 40.  I often say I just don’t care but that is seldom true.  I do care, about doing the best job I can at any given point in time.  Some days, face it–my best is pitiful.  These days, with countless interruptions in my life, it is mostly about getting the job done.  I have my challenge quilt layered and started practicing some straight quilting.  I have seen this termed matchstick quilting.  The lines are about 1/8-inch apart.  I used a contrasting thread so it would photograph and also to see if I want to use contrasting thread in this project.  If I can tweak the tension, I just may.  This table runner will not be entered in a contest; it will probably be donated in our next Maker’s Faire or some such venue.  There is some double stitching because I like to use up almost empty bobbins when I practice quilting before working on the real thing.  This 2×27-inch strip took about 40-minutes, which gives me an idea of how long it will take to quilt if I continue with the matchstick.  I used my walking foot, which helps to feed all the layers evenly.


I took a class last year where we practiced straight-line quilting using a free-motion foot.  I got good at going in two directions; backwards and to the left, not so much.  This project has a deadline of June 16 so I hope to finish by next week.  The group quilt (the orange leaves) had a soft deadline of June 5.  I am declaring right now that I won’t even try to make that which is no problem because I don’t think anyone else is going to be finished then either.  Overachievers–just stay home.  Heehee.

Since this is short, I will regale you with a photo of my pets, Andy and Sweetie, taken when I was working with random scraps last year.  They like to get in on the action, too.  Remember to put your flag out for the weekend to honor our fallen military.