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Again. My Janome is in the carrying case, waiting for a trip to the dealer. I disengaged the dual-feed device (heretofore known as the walking foot) so I could do some free-motion ruler work. In the past, the needle bar has moved to left of center. This time, the needle is toward the back and hitting the bobbin case. I am going to make an appointment this time and have the repair person show me exactly what is happening and how to prevent it or fix it.

In the meantime, I decided to clean and rearrange my studio. I started by emptying the two rolling plastic dressers to see what kind of space I had for a real piece of furniture. I put the FREE bins in the driveway and went to town (they were gone by the time I got back). Having never been to Haverty’s, I made that my first stop. Manager Matt steered me to a dresser in the back, discontinued line, one off in WHITE, which was really what I wanted–for half price. It was two inches wider than my space but I knew I could make more room. All I had to do was move everything to the right. Two days later, I now have a 53-inch space. Here is my dresser, which will be delivered on Wednesday. That gives me several more days to work on the shelving on the other side of the room. Thanks to more efficient storage, I was able to place all of my jars of dry dye in two containers that I freed up. Hopefully I will be able to find things in their new locations…  Cut and paste the link to see the dresser or wait till my next post.

Today I will be moving the rest of the dyeing/painting supplies to the shelf I emptied yesterday. I also managed to free up another shelf for fabric in a bin that has been cluttering up my space and my batting will go on the shelf below.

Last week, I started going through some items sitting around doing nothing but taking up space. I still had muslins from costumes I made for The Cemetery Club (more than 12 years ago) plus pants I was trying to make for myself. I cut off everything that had markings and now have white and ecru pieces that can be used with the scraps left over from Quilters.

Here is a sweatshirt jacket I started sometime in the last ten years. It never got finished and has been floating between my clothes closet and the studio. This is what it looks like now. I rolled it up like a jelly roll and put it in my strip basket. I am all done with sweatshirt jackets–they just don’t work for me. In fact I am all done with sewing clothes for myself, period. Time to move on.

That’s my story for this week. I’m going back to the studio to stir up some more dust and clear a path for the delivery people. It’s supposed to be a very cold, snowy winter for a lot of the country so I’m trying not to wish the heat of summer away (although I’ve really had it with the 80-90’s with high humidity). I just want it to cool off enough so I can dye some fabric in the garage and hit the trails again. Till next time…