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It will be a busy start to the week (husband has cataract surgery) so here’s a quick update on¬† my self-portrait. All of the quilting is finished.

Quilting finished

Quilting finished

I did some close lines of stitching with Yenmet in the white areas to take up any slack for beading. This will be my usual encrusted beading. In this case, I load three beads at a time and completely fill in an area. After three sets of three beads, I tie a knot. I use a beading needle and Superior Bottom Line thread. Here’s my snow queen on my “Frozen” quilt. Bugle beads with seed beads on each end form the curved stripe¬†down the middle. Loose bugle bead fringe forms the hair.



I have plenty of handwork for the waiting room–the binding on the Christmas quilt. Have a great week.