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The Tandem Bike Quilt

I made one Christmas present in 2018, for my sister, Kathi, and sister-in-law, Stefi. They have a tandem bike, but I couldn’t remember what color it is and didn’t want to spoil the surprise by asking.

I started with the Bicyclist block from Quilted Adventures by Sara Nephew. I had a little trouble understanding the instructions, but managed to wrap my brain around it and then added the second cyclist. I sometimes have a kind of spatial dyslexia.

Since they are both musicians, I used musically-themed fabric for the shirts. I tried three times to make nice looking heads but they are both very blond and fair skinned. Translation: boring (and the first one was the wrong size). I opted for do-rags that matched their shirts.

I string-pieced the rectangular units…

Made some mistakes…p1140194

Had to figure out where to put the bar (maybe not mechanically accurate, but it looked the best) …


I added a small black border followed by more musical fabric.


I have been pin-basting small projects and ran across a box of these foam pieces (a gift that included a wrist pincushion). I thought I would try them, as opposed to my curved pins. I am giving the foam pieces away as this method hurt my hands–I’ll stick with the curved basting pins and basting spray for larger projects. Leah Day likes using PinMoors, a product you can buy on her website. Some of my friends had never seen this basting technique and thought I was embellishing the quilt. You never know with me.

I straight-line quilted the background, the tires, and anything that wasn’t lying flat, figuring out how to quilt with the least thread breaks. Sometimes this requires diagrams.


I changed the lyrics to “A Bicycle Made for Two” for quilting the outer border. I tried once again to sew the label into the backing fabric and still didn’t leave enough margin. I have been unhappy with my attempts at sewing in the label. Next time, I will sew the label into the center of the quilt backing, rules be damned (lower right-hand corner), allowing more room for information. I’ll be sending a better label to place over the original.

Quilting in progress.


Once again, I have failed to take a final picture before mailing. It had a simple black binding and is called “Ever in Tandem.” Le sigh. Oh well, it arrived before Christmas. I think I put rings on the back for hanging. It’s all good. Till next time…


2018 Mug Rug Swap

between NWAMQG and TULSAMQG. Last month we turned in our forms for this swap and received a form from a Tulsa member with color preferences, etc. My swap partner, Lora Whitfield, indicated all colors but that she loves a teal and red combo, NO BABY PINK, any style. I used up most of my red and teal fabrics for the wonky churn dash exchange, but happened to find these in my strip box – the one that is now sorted by color.

These strips had been on the design wall for a couple weeks with no inspiration forthcoming. Writers have Erato for their muse–I need to invent a muse for quilting.

Friday I had 15 minutes before heading out to the Green Country Quilters Guild Quilt Show in Tulsa so I started sewing some pieces together. I was thinking about the MQG Challenge for 2019, using tiny piecing in a donation quilt. I was going to subcut this strip set and make a tiny grid (photo above) but Saturday I had a different idea. I started cutting up 3/4-inch strips and mimicked a quilt I have seen several times.

After piecing, pressing, and trimming, I layered this with Peltex (a stiff interfacing) and a backing with glittery Valentine’s fabric. I prefer Timtex (a little heavier than Peltex) but have not been able to find any for awhile. I left the red strips unquilted and quilted a line next to the border seam. This gives you a place to turn around with diagonal stitching. If you start at the edge, pivot/stitch/pivot and stitch back to the edge, you have no threads to weave in.

Finally I traced around this metal end caps (given to me by dd, probably from incense stitcks container from BBB) to round the corners and satin stitched around the edge. The butterfly pin reminds where the round starts. Satin stitch using #8 zigzag on Janome with three rounds:

Round 1: 5.0 wide, 1.5 length

Round 2: 5.5 wide, 1.0 length

Round 3: 6.0 wide, .5 length


Now I just need to make a label and turn in my mug rug at our August meeting. I have some small projects (camera strap cover, microwave bowls, pieced biscornu pincushion) to work on until I get my needle arm fixed–I just don’t dare do free-motion quilting and this is seriously putting me behind. Waiting to hear from Janome.

This was my viewer’s choice at the quilt show. Quilt by Janet Hoeltzel, quilted by Glenda Harkey, pattern by Mary B. Hayes; Thangles used.

BAB 14 – Shattered

DIET UPDATE: After seven weeks, I have a net loss of 4.5 pounds and almost 3-inches. Whoopy-dip is all I can say that’s fit to publish.

Next posts: My Artful Log Cabin with exactly 50 log cabins celebrating our anniversary and photos from quilt show.