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Tutorial: How to Print on Twill Tape

In 2012, I took an on-line class on The Quilt Show: Fabric Fancification, by Lauren Vlcek. Lauren is a very talented fiber artist and doll maker. Check her out.

In our class, we learned to bead, applique letters and print on twill tape. Not only was this class fun, I also won Lauren’s sample when the class was finished.


Fabric Fancification Class Sample by Lauren Vlcek

And here is mine.

Quilting=Love Class

Quilting=Love, Fabric Fancification Class

I used a piece of hand-crocheted trim for the flower stem on the left. We also did some hand embroidery and used machine embroidery stitches as well as free-motion quilting. Lauren encouraged us to use fabrics besides cotton so I used some silk scraps and ribbon.

If you would like to learn to print on twill tape for a project of your own, see my tutorial, How to Print on Twill Tape. As noted, I washed one of my words in Ivory dish soap and there was no fading. I cannot guarantee the same results in the washer or with other soap. Have fun.

Tutorial How to Print on Twill Tape